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This just out. Dermot's new book "Irish Miscellany". Read some of the chapters from the Irish Central website.

"The Quiet Man" stars the Shields boys were IRA members and Protestants"

Don Juan, Gay or Virgin

1916 Easter Uprising

Gay Gaels Who Enriched Ireland's History

A Review by Boston Irish Reporter and written by Bill O'Donnell

Irish Miscellany – A new hardcover book handsomely bound, full of good stuff for young and old, for first timer to Ireland, for oldsters returning, for curious tourists or root-seeking grandkids is a book for all. It’s “Irish Miscellany,” subtitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Ireland.” The writing is excellent, with a cheeky style and full of vital information and on-target details about Ireland and its truths and fables told with mild irreverence and a keen eye for the realities of the Green Isle, without any grizzly leprechauns stalking you. A fine read at only $14.95.

To get your copy check amazon.com or BN.com and wherever else books are sold. The author is Dermot McEvoy and it’s a delightful read, a great buy from Skyhorse Publishing. And if it matters, a personal recommendation from this columnist.

Here is an outstanding article in the Irish Echo regarding Dermot and his latest book "The 13th Apostle".

Dermot McEvoy, author of Our Lady of Greenwich Village and Terrible Angel, has now come out with two new books which are now on sale.

The first is entitled The 13th Apostle: A Novel Of A Dublin Family, Michael Collins, And The Irish Uprising.

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The story—both romantic and terrifying—of how a handful of men, armed with nothing more than handguns and guts, forced the greatest nation in the world from their shores.

The 13th Apostle is the reimagined story of how Michael Collins, along with his young acolyte Eoin, transformed Ireland from a colony into a nation. Collins’s secret weapon was his intelligence system and his assassination squad, nicknamed “The Twelve Apostles.” On November 21, 1920, the squad—with its thirteenth member, young Eoin—assassinated the entire British Secret Service in Dublin. Twelve months and sixteen days later, Collins signed the Treaty at 10 Downing Street, which brought into being what is, today, the Republic of Ireland.

An epic novel in the tradition of Thomas Flanagan’s The Year of the French and Leon Uris’s TrinityThe 13th Apostle is a story that will capture the imagination and hearts of freedom-loving readers everywhere.

The second one is entitled The Little Green Book of IRISH WISDOM, .

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Wit, craic, and maxims from the Emerald Isle’s most famous descendents including JFK, Ronald Reagan, St. Patrick, William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, George Carlin, Brendan Behan, Michael Collins, de Valera, Tug McGraw, and many more!

In this lively and wide-reaching collection Dermot McEvoy gathers together some of Ireland’s most famous lines from its most famous (and infamous) residents.

But just who are the Irish, exactly? They are freedom fighters (the British call them “terrorists”), slave-owners, master politicians, relentless defenders of their religions, gay, straight, liberal, reactionary, victims of a famine, and mercenaries in the name of imperialism. They are expert businessmen, singers, outlaws, movie stars, writers, poets, priests, highwaymen, beggars, gypsies, gangsters and athletes. They are drunkards, teetotalers, modest, extravagant, and always shocked by the whole thing. They are inspirational and infuriating. They are funny and they are cynical. They are extraordinarily talented and remarkably venal. They are tough, adaptable, and the ultimate survivors. They are bewildering. They are infuriating.

And whatever they are, there is a certain wisdom to it all. So dive in and discover new lines and classic quotes from your favorite Irish men and women!